3. Auxiliary commands

3.1. Auxiliary (service) menu

The auxiliary (service) menu contains functions that play an important role in the drawing creation process. The basic, permanent menu items include the following options:

/ Point / - point location in relation to existing objects:

/ Screen / - functions controlling drawing display:

/ Parameters / - setting the basic parameters of objects and editing options. All options are saved in the drawing's source file and restored when it is re-edited. Prototypes sets of these values ​​when editing a new drawing are read from the prototype drawing.

/ Layers / - setting attributes of drawing layers (see chapter 8.2)

/ Measure /

/ Find / - searching for texts (attributes) with a given text value. The program searches sequentially for texts (attributes) whose initial text value corresponds to a given string of characters. If found, the cursor is positioned at the text insertion point.

Variable menu items include, but are not limited to, the following options:

3.2. Help ("Help")

Pressing the F1 key displays the "Help" menu with description of the keyboard shortcuts.