21. The punch line

AlfaCAD was created based on the author's experience in designing CAD systems for various industries, including architecture, construction, electrical, sanitary and external networks.

AlfaCAD is a program designed as a drawing tool for anyone, a designer from various industries, but also for enthusiasts who need to design an RC model, a piece of furniture, provide a drawing to a carpenter, make a garden plan, an advertisement on adhesive film or the kitchen design. It is also a tool for students who need to make a technical drawing of a machine, building structure or electrical control diagram.

In any case, the single most important guiding principle underlying the entire AlfaCAD project is simplicity and versatility. Nothing encourages more to use the program than the ease of achieving the basic goal, which is to convey in the form of a professional-looking drawing the idea that arises in the mind of the creator of the project, and the ease of publishing the project, whether in the form of a printout or electronic publication, such as a file in a commonly used format as well as publication on the website.

There are no perfect programs, and no error-free programs. AlfaCAD is no exception, as there are no such exceptions. But behind the program AlfaCAD is its author, making every effort to provide users with a defect-free product, ready for any intervention as soon as the user notices a bug, or suggests the need to change, fix or even add an additional function worth sacrificing to provide new value to those who they need it, provided that, of course, it does not exceed the author's abilities and skills and does not significantly exceed the program objectives.

Every error signal, every suggestion is taken by the author with due care and attention to solve the problem.

The author wishes you creative work with AlfaCAD.