20. Licensing

Unlicensed copy of AlfaCAD is running in "demo" mode. There is no significant difference between the "Demo Version" and the Licensed Copy, except for a "watermark" that is printed or placed over an image saved in a file, in the center of the entire drawing, printing window, or printing sheet.

Obviously, the watermark can be simply removed from the image file using any image editor, but such an obstacle is added by an author for a reason. It took substantial amount of time an effort to create such program, testing it, fixing, improving, testing it again and again.

The program is actively developed and maintained. It is the author's work and should be rewarded as such.

By purchasing the program, you will get the following benefits:
- no watermarks on printouts and saved image files
- contact with author over email or social media for reporting problems to solve them
- opportunity to suggest and possibly get new functions or options you maybe need in your work
- recovery aid in case of problems to load corrupted archive files.
- permanent access to updates and fixations
- satisfaction with using licensed software
- eventually, access to the source code, if you would like to cooperate with further development

After purchasing, author sends encrypted license file, which has to be saved in program's startup folder. Its presence is detected when program is running, and then the name of licensee is shown in AlfaCAD nameplate on start, and in / File // Info / function.

The price of AlfaCAD is not higher than the price of good book. The license lets you install program on as many computers as you uses. It is personal license. If your friend or employee is also using AlfaCAD, buy it for him too, please.