19. “Help”

AlfaCAD offers a "Help" feature that is available all the time you draw, except when a dialog window is open, e.g. for printing, plotting, editing layer parameters, selecting an object color, etc. But everywhere else, also while running another function, "Help" in the form of a long menu shows all the function keys, with a comment on what function each of them initiates.
There is also the ability to select any function directly from the menu to demonstrate how each key or combination of keys works.It is not just a demonstration, each function is performed, as long as the drawing phase allows the function to work (e.g. selecting a specific point with the pointfinder only works when any object is drawn; if no drawing function has been previously selected, this pointfinder shortcut option will not work).

Access to the “Help” function it with {F1} or {F12} keys.

The “Help” menu contains over 70 keys or key combinations, divided for for sections:
TOOLS – assorted keys {Space}, {Ins}, {Backspace}, {Tab},{F11}, {Ctrl-Ins}, {Ctrl-Home}, {Ctrl-End}, {Ctrl-Q}
– {F2} … {F10} keys
– {Ctrl-F1} … {Ctrl-F10} keys
– {Alt-F1} … {Alt-F10} except of {Alt-F5} … {Alt-F7} keys
- {Alt-F5} … {Alt-F7} keys
– {Alf-1} … {Alt-0}, {Alt-++, {Alt--} and {Ctrl-F11}, {Ctrl-F12} keys
– {Shift-F1} key
– {Shits-F2} … {Shift-F10} and {E},{N},{M},{I},{C},{P},{T},{A},{O} context keys